Tambola-Luck by Chance!

This post is inspired by a game i played yesterday and was lucky to win some perks too. By seeing the picture of the ticket you must have figured out the game am telling about.
Yes, it is the favorite of all, Tambola (also known as Bingo or Housie-Housie).

A typical Tambola Ticket
Do include this game in your kitty party or whenever organizing a party for a smaller or a larger gathering. It will be real fun. There are many variations not only in the game but also in calling out the numbers too.

Variations of Tambola: The simple game of Tambola includes three lines (Top, Middle, Bottom) and two or three Full Houses. You can bring in some fun with these variations like..

Fastest five - One who cuts the five numbers in a ticket first.
Fastest seven - One who cuts the seven numbers in a ticket first.
King's corner - the first number in each line (in the above ticket 5,28,6)
Queen's corner - The last number in each line (in the above ticket 80,77,82)
Four Corners - The 4 corner numbers of the ticket (in the above ticket 5, 6, 82, 80)
Lines can be called twice.
Number of Full Houses can be increased.

How to Call Out Numbers?
There are numerous ways of calling out numbers in Tambola. Use your creativity in forming theme based Tambola like Tambola based on Bollywood movies and songs, Christmas (or Diwali / Holi) theme based Tambola, sports based Tambola, musical tambola, wedding theme Tambola, valentine themed so on. You can even call out the Tambola numbers in Hindi or any local language. You can bring in naughty and funny variations in the calling of housie numbers.

Here are few sets of calling out numbers. If you want, you can request for the complete access of these sets.

1st Set
1 At the beginning, first on the board, lone ranger
2 Kaala dhan, one little duck, baby’s done it
3 Happy family, goodness me
4 Hum doh humare doh, 2+2=4
5 Punjab mail no.5
6 Bottom heavy, In a fix
7 Lucky seven, One hockey stick, David Beckham, Colours of rainbow, saat sur, saat janam, days in a week
8 One fat lady/major
9 Doctor’s time
10 Badmash, A big fat hen
Continued here
2nd Set
1 Kelly's eye - Buttered scone - At the beginning - First on the board - Number Ace
2 One little duck - Baby's done it - Me and you - Home alone - Peek a boo
3 Dearie me - I'm free - You and me - Goodness me - Monkey on the tree
4 The one next door - On the floor - Bobby Moore - Shut the door
5 Man alive - Jack's alive - One little snake
6 Tom Mix - Tom's tricks - Chopsticks - In a fix
7 Lucky seven - One little crutch - David Beckham - One hockey stick
8 Garden gate - Harry Tate - One fat lady - She's always late - Sexy Kate
9 Doctor's orders
10 Downing street - Cock and hen (rhyming) - Uncle Ben (rhyming) - Gordon's den (number 10 has - over the years - used the names of various prime ministers) - A big fat hen
Continued here
3rd Set
1 Heads the chart / At the Beginning
2 One Little Duck / Me and You – So called because the number 2 is a swan-like shape.
3 Cup of tea / You and Me
4 Knock at the Door
5 Man Alive
6 Tom's tricks / Tom Nix
7 Lucky Seven / God's in Heaven
8 One Fat Lady / Golden Gate/ Garden Gate
9 Doctor's Orders 
10 Tony's Den. Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street (changes with each Prime Minister).
Continued here
Here is an interesting Bollywood theme number calling or Bollywood based Tambola wherein the numbers are formed form the movies and songs.  

[The numbers can be called out in a dramatic way you like..]
1 Don / Baazigar / Badshah / Ek akela is Sheher mein...
2 Do Raaste / Aankhein / Do dil mil rahe hain..magar chupke chupke...
3 3 Idiots
4 Krazzy 4
5 Hum Paanch / Paanch Rupaiya baara ana...(Chalti ka naam gadi)
6 Dilli 6
7 Saat Khoon Maaf / Saat samundar paar me tere peeche peeche aagayi..
10 Dasvidaniya
11 Ek Aur Ek Gyarah
12 Barah Mahine.. Barah Tarike Se... (Song from movie Ready)
Housey-Housey (Tambola) Tickets
Continued here 
A Holi based Tambola can be constructed in a much easier and simpler way. Allocate each number from 0-9 a different colour of your choice, like
0 - White     5 - Orange
1 - Red          6 - Pink
2 - Blue         7 - Black
3 - Green      8 - Brown
4 - Yellow     9 - Purple
Now you can call any number using this basic set. For ex. 20 is Blue and White, 73 is Black and Green, 95 is Purple and Orange...
A Story based Tambola is one where you can weave a story using numbers. The occasion can be anything, a birthday party, baby shower/godhbharai, wedding etc. Here is one example for you, I created this Tambola story for a kid's birthday party with the Candy Theme..

Hello everybody, welcome to the Candyland…a land full of yummy and colorful candies you could ever see. This is a tale of little fairy Dayana, who is 1 today and her brother Dack who is 5 years old. Our cute princess arrived in this world on 16th April. As you know April is the 4th month of the year. She is our number 2 child. Dack was on cloud 9 when he saw her first time. 24 hours a day, he has been waiting for her arrival and play with her. He had 15 presents ready for her. He wanted to buy 35 more so that would make 50 presents but he controlled. The complete story here
Christmas Themed Tambola : You can have a tambola with all Christmas related things like Christmas tree, Santa clause, jingle bells, holly and much more...in this Christmas themed number calling. For ex
1. Star on my tree, leads the way, number 1
2. 'Tis the season to be jolly, Merry Christmas no2
3. Three Wise men who followed the star to find Infant Jesus
4. Trim the Christmas tree to no4
5. Infant in Bethlehem
6. 3 pairs of Reindeer marching towards you no6
7. Hang your stockings to no7
8. O holy night, shine and bright no8
9. Candy to my cane no9
10. Glory to the newborn king no10
11. Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, the bells ring no11

continued here
And here comes the Desi version/ Hindi version of the game Tambola...(though it's incomplete)

1. Sabse aage, sabse tez, badshah, no1
4. Single chor/ gale ka haar, No. 4
5. come for a drive, lagaao high-fives
7. Lucky no/ poori karoonga apni baat, tumhare saath
8. Mota pet
10. maanoongi tumhe apna hero, kaato one and zero; Sachin mera hero
11. paidal party, chalte chalte
12. dil ko lagta hai koi pyaara, no 12 mein hoon tumhara
13. kuch kehta hai dil mera tera, bas ruk gaya paas terah
Rest of the numbers here

And for those of you who have no idea about this game, this is an interesting and simple game wherein you have to cut the number being called out, if it exists in your ticket. And if you get the correct combinations, you win.

Do share your interesting experience with this 'Luck by Chance' game of Tambola or Bingo:)

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jacob said...

hi ,thanks for the useful info.i needed some clarifications,would be grateful if u oblige.have to conduct a tambola event and have done intensive research on net abt it,but strangely have a lot of confusion regarding king and queens corner.afew of my friends who have played a lot of tambola say that the corners are opposite to what u've mentioned in your blog.so which is right?HELP

Niv said...

Hi Jacob, there is no strict rule as such. After all they are the variations we have created for ourselves. Yes, some people do play the king's and queen's corners the opp way mentioned here. It all depends on you, who is conducting the game to set the rules. All the best buddy!

Niv said...

Hi Rupali, pls share your mail id, so that i can share the access.

Unknown said...

my mail id - rupalikalav@rediffmail.com

Thank you so much.


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Thank you Nivedita for sharing the details. They are too good :) Merry Christmas

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Plz share the same on mail..

Anonymous said...

Hi Niveditha...I love your bollywood themed tambola. Could you please share the rest of the numbers with me? My email id is samahita.kabra@gmail.com. Thanks,Samahita.

Niv said...

Thanks Samahita. Bollywood tambola seems to be everybody's favorite. I have shared the document. Enjoy...

Unknown said...

hey this is amazing! i was looking for a bollywood theme based tambola, i'm so glad that i found it on ur blog but there is a bit of a prob, as after 13 i'm denied access to view the list for other numbers!...would appreciate it if u could help me out by sending me the entire list!

Niv said...

Thank you Smriti. I have shared the entire document. Pls check your inbox :)

Shashank said...

Hii Nivedita...
good work can u send me the complete list of calling numbers...my mail id is saesh777@gmail.com

Niv said...

Thanks Shashank. I have shared the documents, you can check your mail

Shashank said...

got it...Thanx

Unknown said...

hey nivedita :)
i love the concept of your bollywood tambola and a i am hosting a bollywood theme party i would be glad if you mailed me the entire list on my email id vinamra.agrawal4@gmail.com ! thank you :D

Niv said...

Thanks Ancha,

Even I loved the concept, thats why started building one. Though the list is not complete, am sharing the document. Check your mail. Rock the party!!

Anonymous said...

Hi niveditha really amazed 2 c ur blog...can u pls share bollywood theme wid me on my mail is---acheivebig@yahoo.co.in Keep updating new things...Thanx mishoo

Niv said...

Thanks Mishoo...have shared the Bollywood theme.hope u like it

Nisha said...

Nice ones! Some were new to me. Thanks for sharing. Was looking for interesting Tambola call outs for a game this weekend.

Unknown said...

Hi Nivedita! nice ideas!could you pl share the christmas theme based number calling.

Niv said...

Hey Seema, sorry but I don't have the Christmas based number calling. Will surely put up if I build one day ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Nivedita, Its good to see your bollywood tambola.. This is what I was searching for as its our club theme this time.. But I would like to view the whole list plz.. I'll be thankful..

Niv said...

Hi Varnika, Bollywood based Tambola has been shared. Enjoy your theme party!

Unknown said...

hi loved ur ideas..they r lovely..i m hosting a floral theme based couple kiity party...could u plz give any idea of playing tambola with a variation may b related to theme...would b vey helpful

Anonymous said...

Hi nivedita it indeed is an awesome creativity.... . Could you please share your bollywood call outs with me too......thanking you in anticipation....

Niv said...

Thanks Parul and Inmyco. A tambola based on flora theme...a tricky one. But I will try. In the meanwhile you can check other games on floral theme here

Ashu said...

Hi Niveditha, your Bollywood themed tambola is just amazing. Would really appreciate if you can share the same with me on my mail id - ashuritolia@gmail.com

Niv said...

Thanks Ashu. Have shared the Bollywood tambola document. Hope u enjoy your party!!

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Niv said...

Thanks for your compliments Leo. I have shared the Bollywood Tambola to your ID. Enjoy!

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Could you please share the list with me my id is Manju.verma@cisphagwara.com

Unknown said...

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Thanks heaps !!

Krishnakanth Soni said...

Hello Nivedita,

Wonderful blog for party organizers. Could you please share the bollywood number callings. My email id is sonikrishnakanth@gmail.com

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...


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Really it is amazing.I truly appreciate your creativity in this regard.

Thanking you once again.

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Anjali Jain said...

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Ur bollywood theme based tambola is jz awesum.....can u pls share rest of the no.'s
My email id is anjalijain20@gmail.com

Niv said...

@Hardeep, unfortunately I have not yet formed the Christmas based Tambola, but it's under construction. Will publish soon.

@Anjali, I have shared the Bollywood based Tambola to your ID

Unknown said...

Hi Niveditha, could you please share your tambola number prefixes collection to my mail guduru71@gmail.com. they are very creative. Thanks. -Suresh

shivi said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Niveditha, Wonderful blog

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Happy Xmas and New Year in advance

Niv said...

Gokul, sorry, I do not have the New Year themed tambola. Let me know if you want the access for other docs.

BMC Hyderabad said...

hi niveditha,could i get access to ur bollywood tambola asap?must admit you have an awesome collection !pls mail me on mshubhraahyd@gmail.com

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Hi Nivedita, I need a Housie story urgently in english... can you please share one if you have.. my email id shwets370@gmail.com. Really appreciated!!

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I Lv d story Really sprb

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Cud u plz help me vd dis

faguni said...


Wanted Tambola number calling story on MasterChef or food theme if possible.....would be really great ful if you could forward it

Niv said...

hi Faguni,

Currently I do not have food themed tambola. if you have tried your hand at then share the unfinished one to my id, i'll try to complete it.
Thanks for ur interest

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