Aping? to what extent?

Aping has become a cult for the Indian television industry. This is now taken to be a mark of Creativity. The Oxford Dictionary defines Creativity as an Original work. It seems that the Originality is in the concept of Aping and not in the substance.

I have listed few Indian Television reality shows which are copied (oops! inspired, adapted) from US, UK based shows.
It seems that the land of Panchatantra is starving for want of new ideas to entertain.
Read on..

I came to know about Big Brother as the original version of Bigg Boss only when Shilpa Shetty brought home the title. Now Salman Khan is all set to kick off the next season Bigg  Boss.(He will be paid3.5 crore for each episode!! Now thats a Bigg money)

Shahrukh Khan couldn't pass in this reality show 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass se Tez Hain?

Dance India Dance, one of my favorite shows. The little masters was equally entertaining. Well adapted from 'So You Think You Can Dance?'

Its may be true that best singers are produced each year, though the show is loosing charm with each passing season. Can't Anu Mallik be evicted in the coming season ;)

Never watched a single episode of 'Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao'. But heard, it grabbed top position in the TRP listings. The Indian celebrities did not miss a chance to imitate their western celebrity contestants of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get me out of Here!'

Amitabh Bacchan seems to love this show more than anybody else. Yes he makes people Crorepati, as he becomes one before each episode! (He is going to charge 1.8 crore for each episode)

A show very well adapted from 'America's got Talent'. Get to see a lot of hidden and peculiar talents from the nook and corner of the country. Yes India truly has got Talent!

'Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega', somehow this show has not caught my attention. Is it because Anu Mallik is present?May be or may not be. No idea about the talents presented in '30 Seconds to Fame'

Sharman Joshi entered the Small screen hosting this bluffing game show of 'Poker Face'. He did his job pretty well. The makers of the show did not take the pain to change the name while adapting from popular UK game show 'Poker Face'

The moment of Truth was very harsh for some, embarrassing for some. Some accepted it, some rejected. 'Sach Ka Saamna', landed in controversy in the first week itself after its launch. The sensitive and potentially devastating issues which should have been discussed between the contestant and the family members were eagerly witnessed by the whole nation!

The list seems to be endless...Have I missed any?I'm sure you will add to this list....


Nirmalatm said...

Almost all reality shows we see are remake. Didnt know few.

niveditha said...

Yeas, almost all. Hope some original show comes up soon

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