Party Games for Couples - Part II

Continuing in the series of Couple games for parties, here are some more interesting and exciting games for your kitty party or any gathering. Do check out Party Games for Couples - Part I .

1. Balance the Ball 

Party games for Couples - Balancing the ball

Let the couples stand at the starting line. Give each couple a football or a baseball or any other object you can think off. They should balance the ball at their backs (without the help of hands) and walk to reach the finishing line. The couple reaching first with the ball intact, wins.
(the pic is just for reference only)

2. Compatibility Check 

Party games for Couples - Compatibility check
Make the couple sit back to back on the chairs similar to the one in the picture. Hand over a wine glass to each of them to hold in one hand and a scarf (or anything of your choice) in the other hand. 

If the answers to the questions asked is Wife, both should raise the scarf and if the answer is Husband they should raise the wine glass. Remember they shouldn't turn back to check their answers with the spouse. The fun starts when you start asking  questions like these....

Who is more laziest of you?
Who is more diet freak amongst you?
Who is a good cook among you?
Who is more romantic among you?

The more humorous and naughtier you go, the more interesting answers you get!

3. Stepping forward
Party games for Couples - Stepping forwardThe couples are standing at the starting line. Give each couple a set of placards or a set of wooden ply (2-3 should be enough). The size of these should be just enough to place one foot over it. To start with, wife (or husband) will place one ply at some distance and other will stamp over it, and wait for the next step to stamp on. In the meanwhile the other spouse will place the further ply. 
The one placing the ply has to be quick enough, and at the same time should gauge the distance which can be comfortably covered without falling off the ply. The one who reaches the finishing line fast and not placing the foot on ground at any point will win the race. So it is left for the couple to decide, who will place the ply and who will step. 

4. Balloon Dance 

This is a very simple and funny dance game. Give each a couple a inflated balloon which they have to balance and dance. (Make sure they are dancing properly and not just trying to hold the balloon safely in position). They start dancing as soon as the music starts. The couple who fail to manage the balloon between them gets out and the couple who remains upto the last without the balloon falling off and at the same time dancing well, wins the race.

5. Transfer the Band

This a fun game and requires a bunch of rubber bands and pencils. The couples are made to stand in two lines approximately 3 meters apart. (Husbands on side A and wives on side B). Both will hold a pencil in their mouths. The husbands should pick up the rubber bands(placed in a small bowl) as many they can onto the pencil without the help of hands and move towards the partner standing on line B and transfer the bands to the partner's pencil carefully. Then he will run back to fetch more bands. At the end of 2 mins, the one with maximum number of bands at the receiving end wins! 

6. Identify your Partner

This is a blindfold game. Among your guests randomly call a lady or a gentleman. If you have called a lady, blindfold her and call her partner and few other gents and make them stand in a line. (vice-versa, if you call a gentleman) Let her shake hands with each gentleman one by one. She has to identify and stop as soon as she identifies her partner's handshake!

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