Craft ideas for Christmas

Christmas is here. All are gearing up for the upcoming Christmas Party and busy in decorating Christmas trees and houses. I have brought a simple and easy craft idea this time.
Here i will show you how to make these jingle bells in few easy steps

All u need is a carton, red velvet( or ordinary ) sheet and satin( to make bow), glue, some fresh leaves, golden glitter or cello tape

Lets get started off. First cut out the carton in the shape of a bell like this.

Take the red velvet paper and cut two pieces in the same shape but bit bigger in size, which covers on the sides too(because the carton is bit thicker than the normal chart paper)

Stick it on both the sides. In order to detail, put golden glitter or golden cello tape if you have at the bottom of the bell. You can highlight the borders even.
Make a cute little bow with the red satin and paste it at the tip of the bell

You can even try the shape of three bells together in the same way

Make a small hole at the tip and thread it through a simple thread or satin to hang. Collect some fresh pine leaves or christmas tree leaves, bunch them and fix them

So the bells are ready!

Happy Christmas!

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